The past 2 days with Brady have been great. A big reason is because I didn’t see her for two days because I wasn’t feeling well. I’m better now and have spent quite a bit of time with Brady the past 2 days.

Yesterday, Erik and I went up to the NICN about 7:30pm and we just looked at her because we had some family coming up to visit with Brady and we wanted to wait till after they left so they could see her better. You can see in a lot of the pictures of us doing Kangaroo Care that she is almost totally covered. My cousin Kayla and her boyfriend JC came to see Brady which was nice. JC hadn’t seen her yet, and I think he was a little amazed at her size. She was moving and stretching for Kayla and even raised her head up to lay on her arms. She amazes me every day! 

Nicky ( the person taking pictures for us) was also there last night and got to capture Brady getting her first bottle from Mommy. I was so excited although she doesn’t really understand what to do with it, but she sucked on it a little bit. The coolest thing was I got to hold her without being on my chest. It was so neat to do that for the first time. 

Erik and I went up there today at lunch time and she had a little shirt on. It was so cute! It was just a plain little white shirt that swallowed her whole, but she had clothes on and that was so exciting. We had a good visit with her. We changed her diaper. They went to the next size they have which is up to 6 pounds and they are HUGE on her. If high waisted pants are still in, she’s styling. They go way up past her waist and almost look like shorts. Very funny.

Tonight I went up there with my Aunt Gayle. To say that Brady put on a show for us would be an understatement. When we got there she was all swaddled up and they had put a little gown with polka dots on it. That is one thing that is exciting b/c now we get to take clothes up there to put on her. I have some little outfits that are preemie that will be too big on her, but they outfit they had on her was huge. I got to hold her like a “real” baby tonight. It was more real than last night b/c last night i had to hold her with my hand behind her head and she was resting on my knee. The reason why is because they do better like that when they are taking a bottle. Tonight I got to hold her in my arms. What a sweet moment. Thankfully I remembered the camera so we were able to get some pictures.

Now onto the show, Brady has been doing really well with everything except recently for some reason when we hold her the oxygen levels go kinda crazy. Tonight I might have held her for 15 minutes before she started having decets ( to all the nurses who are reading, I’m sorry if I am really messing up the terminology). We put her up to be on the safe side. I want what’s best for my baby. Aunt Gayle and I sit there chatting for a while and Brady is sleeping then all of a sudden her Oxygen levels start to dip so I get up to try to stimulate her and that’s not working so Aunt Gayle went and got her nurse who unwrapped her and sat her up to stimulate her. I don’t think Brady even woke up. Needless to say, the nurse had to get out the oxygen mask and put it on her. It was for probably less than a minute and her levels went right up, but man was I scared. When stuff like that happens you feel so helpless. The nurse laid her on her belly and Brady seemed to do well. The nurse did say that if she keeps doing it they will put her back on oxygen, which is fine with me. Whatever helps her be where she is supposed to. 

So my baby girl has had a lot of changes in the past few days. She started to bottle feed, (well try to), and she moved this weekend to the intermediate area of the NICN, she is in a new isolette, and she is being swaddled like a “real” baby. Please pray that she continues to do well. I just can’t wait to have my baby home!

We’ll have updates on weight tomorrow. She hadn’t been weighed before I left so I am going to call in the morning.