Hey guys. I just wanted to write a post about a few easy ways to follow this blog. I know a number of you are just coming here¬†occasionally¬†just to see if there is an update or a new entry. There is an easier way to stay updated if you don’t enjoy doing that over and over.

There are 2 possible solutions on this site. One is called an RSS feed. It is widely used on the web these days and it essentially just kicks out updates to your desktop very soon after they happen. Numerous web browsers and email clients come with RSS readers built in. A few examples are browsers such as FireFox, IE7 and Safari and email clients like Apple Mail, Outlook and Thunderbird. There are also RSS readers that you can download for free none of which I will cover. I will say that you can click here to see the Google results for “free RSS reader”. To subscribe to our RSS feed simply click “Entries (RSS)” under the search box in the orange area.

The second way to stay up to date is via email alerts. I’ve added this below the Flickr images so you can now enter your email address and have new posts sent to your inbox directly. This is a very easy way to stay in the loop and know how things are going.

If you have any questions regarding these processes feel free to ask me. Just comment below. Thanks everyone!