Today marks 5 days since my Brady entered the world. It seems like it’s going by so slow yet so fast. Erik and I went to to hospital today to visit our little girl for the first time since leaving the hospital. Yesterday it was just too much for me to get out of the house. Recovering from major surgery pretty much stinks. Today was a great day. I got to share Brady with my friend Abby and that was wonderful. I already love showing off my little girl. We got some really good news today. When Abby and I walked up the incubator was up and this nurse had a huge machine next to the bed. It freaked me out at first, but the nurse was quick to tell me that she was doing the ultrasound on Brady’s heart to check for the hole. The good news, it’s not there. The medicine worked and it closed up just like they wanted it to.

Another good thing is that I got to speak with a doctor today along with Brady’s nurse. The doctor said they could come down on the vaportherm again which is what they are giving her through her oxygen tubes (which she is constantly pulling out). Each little bit means she is breathing better on her own. The doctor gave me so much comfort because she used the word “great” in reference to Brady’s condition. That word has never been so sweet!

At this time I want to thank everyone who has looked at this page and commented. It’s so evident the amazing God we serve through everyone who is reaching out and giving words of encouragement to Erik and I. We really cherish every prayer, thought, and comment. Our little girl is on so many prayer list in churches it’s amazing. People who don’t even know us are praying for us. This is proving to me everyday how amazing and widespread the love of Christ is. I have never experienced it more and I am so glad we have such a large family in Christ. Thanks you everyone for getting the word out about my baby. I will remember everyday that there are so many people in prayer for us. I am so thankful!