Brady is doing much better. Her antibiotics have helped a whole lot and she is on the mend. This week has been pretty great. Brady has been this crazy happy baby. I’ve gotten reports of no tear days. How amazing is that? What baby goes a whole day without crying? Mine does! I wish all of you could see that sweet little smile. Her whole face lights up and my heart melts.

We started solids the past 2 weeks or so. It took her about a week to really get the eating from a spoon thing down. At first she would just start screaming and want her bottle, but soon enough she would actually eat the rice cereal. It never seemed like she actually liked it, but she would eat it. We then decided it was time for some veggies. Sweet potato was the first choice. It’s another case of she doesn’t seem to like it, but she will eat it. Choice number two was green beans. I can tell you that she does not like green beans. When I first gave them to her I mixed them with cereal I could tell she liked them less than the sweet potatoes but she still ate it. I then tried to give her some straight from the jar and she gave me this look that said “what did you just put in my mouth?” so I went and got a jar of sweet potatoes and mixed it was the green beans and she would eat it that way. It seems as if she is going to picky like her mother and father.  I am just thankful that this eating process was a whole lot easier than getting her to take a whole bottle.

She has also started enjoying her baths more. She smiles and laughs and put her hands in the water. It is so cute. I love to watch her grow and develop. It really is amazing to see her grow in every way. She has realized that if she hits her laptop toy that is sings to her so she will bang on it forever and her face lights up when she sees it. She has also started to smile when she sees us come into a room. It’s so awesome to see your baby smile and know who you are. She also knows her name now and she LOVES to talk. She just chatters all day. Sometimes she even talks herself to sleep.  Like I said she is growing in so many ways.

In about a month Brady has her NICU development followup clinic. I am excited and nervous about this. I look at her and think she is doing great but then I have no clue what they will be looking for. She will get to see some old doctors and possibly nurses. Hopefully she will get to see one of her regular doctors. It would be nice for them to see how big and cute she has gotten. She is REALLY cute. The doctors will assess her and decide whether she will need early intervention which would probably involve some type of physical therapy depending on issues she might have. I am thankful that she is going to this clinic because if she does need help it can get caught early and possibly corrected. They will follow her till she is 2 or 3 years old to make sure she is getting all the help she needs. It also free which is such a blessing. Hospital bills are starting to come in and it is not fun.

Erik and I have gone back and looked at Brady’s slideshow that he made and sometimes it’s hard to believe that at one point Brady wasn’t a healthy  and happy baby. Also, at times I think the whole experience is behind me then something reminds me and all the feelings of fear and sadness return. Those feelings overwhelmed me the other day at work and it was so hard to hold back tears. We have come so far and I am so thankful for the amazing God that we have that brought us through it and is still here with us as we continue on this journey of parenthood. It’s not always easy, but HE is always there, even when I am overwhelmed by crazy feelings that I thought were gone. I guess they are fresh because of this NICU clinic she is going to and the fact that we will be back at the hospital. Erik and I have discussed donating Brady’s preemie clothes to the NICU. Unless you have had a preemie who has to be half naked for the first weeks of life you will never understand the precious site of your baby in clothes. A lot of the people with babies in the NICU can’t just go out and get clothes for their baby. Erik and I didn’t have to buy any of her preemie clothes, but not everyone who has a preemie has the support system that we have. Anyway, to give them the clothes would mean making that journey down that long hallway and through those doors that we had to go through for 3 months and 2 days. In all honesty I am not sure if I am ready. I can see myself breaking down as we walk through and seeing parents going through the hardest time in their lives. When you walk through those doors you see pain and fear in people’s eyes. At some times there is joy, but sometimes you have to look harder to see that. You have to look past the exhaustion. It was a long hard road and I am not sure if I am ready to face the memories just yet, but I have a month. It is really nice though that it is only a memory and I have my sweet fat cheeked baby to remind me every day that we made it through by the amazing grace of God.

Hopefully we will get some pictures of Brady up soon along with some video of her in all her cuteness. Thank you again for keeping up with us. We love y’all!