Yesterday was the much anticipated March for Babies in our Savannah area. I must say that we have been super excited about the walk and everything involved with it.

As many of you know we are the Ambassador Family for the MOD in our area. Unfortunately we didn’t realize that this included last minute requests for interviews and we sadly missed out on one of the more  interesting parts of being the Ambassador Family. We would like to thank Sue for allowing us to be a part of the whole experience because it was incredibly wonderful to be able to support such a wonderful organization in the way we did. We ended up doubling our goal of $1,000 dollars. I have to give a shout out to my best friend Christina. She alone raised over $1,000 dollars. I also want to thank Sara and Allison who also helped us in raising money. Without all of them we wouldn’t have made it.

Yesterday started off bright and early at 6:00 AM. We tiredly rolled out of bed and got ready. As usual we were late running out the door because we are not used to getting Brady ready and the concept of taking her out is pretty foreign to us. Logistically we are still not very sure of what to do when it comes to Brady and taking her places, although with her many doctor’s appointments it should be routine, but it’s not.

We got to Daffin Park and started our walk there. Our walk, not the official walk. At a little after 8 the place was already packed with cars. Those cars didn’t all belong to MOD walkers. Apparently beautiful Saturday mornings downtown are great days to run. I don’t understand this, but I’m no where near motivated to run at anytime of the day.

We met up with Sue and got a run down of what was going on and waited for our friends and family to gather. Team Roster: Nikkie, Erik, Mom, Dad, Aunt Gayle, Mary Sue ( Erik’s Mom ), Anthony, Nikki, Cuz ( Kasey ), Kayla, JC, Christina, Eddie, Allison, Matt, Sara, and Bobby. Baby Roster: Dallas, Brady, Maddox, and Noah. Unfortunately we lost 3 right off the bat because of a screaming baby. They found out early ( thankfully ) that it was time to go home. That left us with 15 grown people and 3 babies.

Erik and I got to go up on stage and welcome people. The MOD kindly gave us a plaque that says we are the MOD Ambassador Family for 2009. We were supposed to lead the front, but with a costume change for Brady who had spit up all over her Team Brady Faith shirt and a diaper change we didn’t quite make it to the front, plus there were a lot of other walkers who were REALLY excited, not that we weren’t, but when you have 3 babies in strollers it’s not all that easy to keep up a  good pace.

Along the route there were a few diaper changes, rests, and most definitely some good conversation. I can’t explain to you how much I enjoyed catching up with friends.  We weren’t the last, but we were close to it. Most of the time our group was not together, but we all caught up with each other every now and then. Brady got pushed in her stroller almost the whole six miles. A few of us took turns, even some of the guys. Brady already has them melting at her feet :) .

Speaking of Brady. Have I ever told you what a wonderful child I have? I have a wonderful child. After 6 miles of being in her stroller Brady ended the walk with a smile and dance with Grumpy. Seriously, she was happy the entire time. Granted, she wasn’t walking, but after no morning nap and the heat you would think she would be a little cranky, but no she was in a great mood. She realized she was hungry in the car and had a mini-meltdown, but was back to great mood once a whole jar of sweet potatoes, a little bit of pears, and about 5 ounces of formula hit her belly.

The day was great! Brady’s first time out was a complete success. Not only did she survive a 6 mile stroller ride with 1,500 other people, she had her first restaurant experience. We went to Logan’s after the walk and she was perfect the entire time. Again, I am completely amazed at the good baby she is. I guess when you go to places like that the noisy screaming babies are the ones you always see, so that is what I expected her to do.

One of the best parts of the day was seeing some of the NICU nurses. I know they enjoyed seeing Brady in all her plumpness and I sure enjoyed showing her off. I am really glad I get to hear people other than family tell me how beautiful she is.

I am so excited that the day has come that we can just take our child out like normal parents. Next stop: Wal-Mart!