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March for Babies

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March for Babies is coming up fast and we are very excited to be a part of it. We’ve mentioned before on the blog that we are our local area’s Ambassador Family for The March of Dimes. It’s an honor to have that part in such a wonderful organization. We’re still raising money toward our [...]

Happy Easter

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Hey there everyone. I haven’t written a real blog on here since December 20th so I thought it was about time we changed that!
Life has been quite busy as you might imagine. There are some days when I’m able to stop and just look at where we are and man are we blessed! Brady had [...]

Oh what a night

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Well, it has been an interesting 2 months. We have been to the doctor more weeks than not in the past 2 months. It’s insane really. We were counting our blessings that Brady had not been sick and then we had not been sick.  Those well days ended. When I think about it they came [...]

Finally! New Pictures

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Thanks to my beautiful wife we took some time to get new pictures online. We’ve added them to Flickr so they should show up in the picture boxes to the right. You can see how fun Brady has become. We also had a photo shoot with the talented Alicja Colon this past Saturday so we [...]

Doing better :)

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Brady is doing much better. Her antibiotics have helped a whole lot and she is on the mend. This week has been pretty great. Brady has been this crazy happy baby. I’ve gotten reports of no tear days. How amazing is that? What baby goes a whole day without crying? Mine does! I wish all [...]

Poor little baby

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The title says it all. Brady has had a tough couple of weeks. About 2 weeks ago she had some sort of stomach bug which included lots of nasty diapers and several projectile vomiting episodes along with decreased appetite. That lasted about a week and when she finally gets back to eating normal this snotty [...]

she weighs how much?

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Just wanted to give y’all a quick update. Brady had a doctor’s appointment today for her monthly RSV shot and as usual she was weighed. My response to Erik’s text message telling me what she weighed was”holy crap”. I was in a bit of shock and continued to ask him more questions such as. “was [...]

3 months and 3 days and March for Babies

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Brady has officially been home longer than she was in the hospital.  This is a huge achievement. The past 6 months have gone by so fast. In a way it is sad. The past 3 months have gone by in a blur. My baby has gone from wearing the cute and tiny preemie clothes to [...]

Happy New Year!!!

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Well, it’s 2009. This month last year I found out I was pregnant with my surprise baby. If you had told me last year on January 1st that in a year I would have a new job, get pregnant, and spend 3 months of my life going back and forth to the hospital, I would [...]

Double Digits!!!

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Brady had her appointment today to get her synagis shot, so of course she got weighed and she now weighs 10 pounds.  My little porker I would call her a butterball, but that’s what I call my mom’s cat. Brady is doing great. She gets cuter every day and Erik and I couldn’t [...]

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Brady Faith was brought into this world 12 weeks premature. This was a result of mommy having pre-eclampsia and there being a reverse blood flow to/from the placenta. Brady wasn't growing like she should and it would have just gotten worse. She weighed 1lb 7oz and was 11 3/4in long. To learn more about Brady and her family click here.

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