More Pictures

21 Sep 2008 In: General

I added some new pictures tonight. Take a look at our Flickr account. I didn’t have the camera tonight but when we got there our little girl had her arms frozen like she was a little ninja. It’s the cutest thing. Anyways – don’t forget to read Mommy’s post from this evening.

long road ahead of us

21 Sep 2008 In: General

It’s been a long road so far and it’s just going to continue. Brady has been in the hospital a little over 2 months and I just don’t see her coming home in the next few weeks. As you know she is having issues with the bottle. She did a little better tonight with the new bottle, but not a whole lot. She seems to drool out as much as she takes in. They have started to put her feeding through the tube over an hour to see if this helps a little. Hopefully it will make her hungrier and want to take more from the bottle. Read the rest of this entry »

a specific prayer

20 Sep 2008 In: General

Our little darling is doing so well. I am amazed every day at the miracle God has performed in our lives. I don’t know how anyone can look at a baby and not believe in God. It blows my mind. Read the rest of this entry »

2 steps forward and .9 ounces back

19 Sep 2008 In: General

I am sure those of you who read this blog regularly have picked up on the fact that Brady gets weighed Mondays and Thursdays. In general those are great days because Brady is a few ounces closer to what we would think as normal birth weight. It also means she is a little closer to coming home. Well, last night was a tad bit dissapointing considering Brady lost the .9 ounces Erik and were so excited about because it meant we could round up to 4 pounds. Now, it’s gone. Read the rest of this entry »

Another Update

17 Sep 2008 In: General

Our girl is two months old as of Tuesday. It’s crazy to look back and think that it’s really been two months since she was born. A lot has happened and yet it feels, to me, that the time has flown by. She was weighed last Monday night and we were really hoping to hear that she weighed 4 pounds. I called Tuesday morning and the nurse told me Brady’s weight was written down as 3lbs 15.9oz. That’s one tenth of an ounce less than 4 pounds. Why it wasn’t rounded up we do not know. What we do know is that we agreed to round it up for ourselves and say she reached 4 pounds. Yay!

She also was due for her 2 month vaccinations. They’re given in 2 doses and unfortunately they can (sometimes) cause apnea issues. The first day wasn’t so bad but day two was rough. Last night Brady was put back on oxygen support because of her apnea problems. We are hoping that the were related to her vaccinations and they will fade away very very soon. Only time will tell though. 

There was a point yesterday when Brady was whimpering a little and we were getting ready to leave. I leaned over, put my hand on her head and put my face next to hers. She quieted down really quickly thus making my day. I told Nikkie that I would get in that crib and lay there with her if I could.

We are off for another evening visit. Keep us lifted up – I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel :)

patiently waiting

15 Sep 2008 In: General

Wow, who new Mondays would be one of my favorites days of the week. It’s the day you have to go back to work after a relaxing (or not so relaxing) weekend and you have the WHOLE work week ahead of you. No fun, but I love Monday’s because we get to find out how much she weighs. It’s a waiting game though because they don’t weigh her till night time. Sometimes they weigh her really late so we have to wait till Tuesday morning, but that depends on the nurse. Read the rest of this entry »

growing like a weed…finally

12 Sep 2008 In: General

Brady has finally started to grow like doctor’s want her to. She gained 7 ounces from Monday to Thursday. She doesn’t look much different to me, but hey it doesn’t matter. I am just so glad that she is growing. If she keeps this up she’s gonna be HUGE when she leaves. I’m just excited she will most likely be 4 pounds by Monday night. She has come such a long way!

I wrote yesterday that she might be put in a bassinet, but I was wrong. She has her own crib. There were no bassinets available. I like this because there is a lot more room for her wardrobe. I am sure she is the best dressed baby there :) !

She is still having issues with the bottle which i hope she can get over. Her nurse today said they might try to get her a slow flow nipple to see if that helps because she seems to get choked when trying to swallow.

She also has stage one retinopothy. It is very common for preemies to have eye problems, and fortunately Brady’s is the least severe of the 5 stages. I have no clue what problems this can cause, I just know they are watching her eyes to make sure it doesn’t get worse.

All in all she is doing wonderful and Erik and I are very thankful!

Moving on up!

11 Sep 2008 In: General

I was going to wait till tonight to write, but I am too excited to wait. Brady got moved again, this time because she is doing good. She is now in the  ISN section of the nursery which is a step down ( in a good way) from the unit she was in before. This means she is out of the NICN unit. YAY! They will possibly be taking her out of the isolette today at 5 and putting her in a bassinet. They will keep the isolette in the room for 24 hours to just in case they need to put her back in it. Read the rest of this entry »

2 pounds gained!

9 Sep 2008 In: General

Yep, that right. Brady’s gained 2 pounds in the 8 weeks she has been in the NICN. She now weighs 3 pounds 5 ounces. Now, I do remember that Brady weighed 1 pound 7 ounces when she was born, but she did lose a few ounces so that’s how she has already gained 2 pounds. I am so excited and you can tell how much she has grown. The changes in the last few weeks haven’t been really noticeable to me, but she is filling out. The easiest way to see her growth is when she has her clothes on. She’s starting to fill them out a little more. Read the rest of this entry »

Just a Short Update

7 Sep 2008 In: General

I just wanted to let everyone know that Brady is getting better. The removed the IV and she is off of the antibiotics. She has also been relocated to Kanga’a Pocket which is the intermediate section of the NICN. We are very thankful she is in a room with a lot less beeping going on. She seems to be doing well, her oxygen saturation is pretty stable with a few dips every now and then. She has a specialist coming to see if they can figure out a way that Brady will successfully take a whole bottle. At times she doesn’t know to swallow which causes her to turn blue. We don’t want that. All in all she is doing much better and Erik and I thank each one of you for every prayer and thought!

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