Fight for PreemiesIt’s November and this month happens to be prematurity awareness month, and today is Prematurity Awareness Day. It’s time for people to get educated about prematurity.

I know most of you have some sort of knowledge about prematurity. You read this blog and many of you are loyal followers so you know the trials and tribulations that come with having a preemie from a readers point of view which is a start and better than no knowledge.

The March of Dimes put out their second annual Prematurity Report Card for the USA. Can you believe that 1 out of 8 babies are born prematurely in the United States. That’s insane. We need to educate ourselves on the importance of prematurity. The USA gets a “D” on this report card and Georgia gets an “F”.

Obviously the issue of prematurity is close to my heart. If I had been more educated about my body and the fact that babies are born too early Brady might have stayed put a little longer with the help of bedrest. God obviously has different plans for us and that is ok, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get the word out there to pay attention to your body when you’re pregnant. Don’t think everything is ok. If something seems to be not normal go to the doctor and don’t let them blow you off.

Help the March of Dimes reach their goal of many babies staying put until term. Be educated. Check out to learn more about prematurity. Let babies like Brady give you a desire to educate yourself about prematurity. They are strong little fighters and you should get to know more about their struggles and how you can be educated and help prevent prematurity.