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Prematurity Awareness Day

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November 17th is a pretty big day to me and to many of my preemie mom friends. It’s a specific day that is set aside for people to put the importance of education about prematurity in your face. We blog, we wear purple, I have friends doing radio spots and some making speeches. Prematurity is [...]

Two Years Old

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Two years ago, to the minute at the time of this writing, my beautiful baby girl came into this world.
For those of you who do not know, she was born 12 weeks early weighing only 1lb 7oz and just shy of a foot long. Now here we are, 730 days later, and she is an [...]

Another decade under the belt.

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This has been written for almost 2 weeks. I want to go ahead and post it so it doesn’t sound odd a month from now with the first sentence exclaiming that it’s 2010 and it be February. That would just be silly. Hopefully Erik will get some time to add his thoughts and some pictures [...]

Bloggers Unite-Prematurity Awareness

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It’s November and this month happens to be prematurity awareness month, and today is Prematurity Awareness Day. It’s time for people to get educated about prematurity.
I know most of you have some sort of knowledge about prematurity. You read this blog and many of you are loyal followers so you know the trials and tribulations [...]

It has been a while

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October 6, 2009
I can’t believe that last time I wrote something was on Brady’s birthday. Time flies when you’re having fun. I guess you could say we are having fun. Brady is definitely a joy to raise.

a year to remember

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It’s amazing that a year ago I was in a hospital bed with my lower abdomen stitched together, Erik was probably sitting in an uncomfortable chair, and Brady was chilling out in her state of the art Giraffe bed.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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For the record, I tried posting this at 10am this morning but the server this blog resides on had issues today…
Today we celebrate the mothers in our lives. Moms, grandmothers, daughters who are now mothers. It’s a wonderful thing to celebrate and this year I have one extra mommy to be thankful for and it’s [...]

Dedication at Church

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It is so wonderful being able to take our little girl out and about freely now. We waited so long to be able to do this and now that the time is here we are having a blast. We’ve been able to take her to a number of places (restaurants, malls, etc) and she is [...]

We walked for babies

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Yesterday was the much anticipated March for Babies in our Savannah area. I must say that we have been super excited about the walk and everything involved with it.

off the subject of Brady

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Erik and I obviously started this blog with the intention of keeping everyone up to date with Brady’s progress, but this post is going to be a little different.

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Brady Faith was brought into this world 12 weeks premature. This was a result of mommy having pre-eclampsia and there being a reverse blood flow to/from the placenta. Brady wasn't growing like she should and it would have just gotten worse. She weighed 1lb 7oz and was 11 3/4in long. To learn more about Brady and her family click here.

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