For the record, I tried posting this at 10am this morning but the server this blog resides on had issues today…

Today we celebrate the mothers in our lives. Moms, grandmothers, daughters who are now mothers. It’s a wonderful thing to celebrate and this year I have one extra mommy to be thankful for and it’s (obviously) my beautiful wife. She’s done a fantastic job being a mom these past 10 months and I’m so thankful I have her as my wife and Brady has her as a mommy. Brady apparently was saving up for a while because she got mommy an Edible Arrangement for Mommy’s Day. Unfortunately Daddy couldn’t afford anything like that (he gave all his money to Brady) so he just gave mommy a card.Last night we went to my mom and dad’s for dinner and, as always, really enjoyed our time with them. I can’t even fathom the number of sacrificial things my mom has done for me over the years. Today we will be going to visit “the farm” as Nikkie’s side of the family calls it. It’s got a very special place in all their hearts and this Mother’s Day will be a little tougher there than ones past. It’s the first time Nikkie and I have been to the farm since her Papa passed away last year. We will be going to celebrate all of the mom’s on Nikkie’s side of the family and it’s going to be a full house!

To all Moms

Thank you for everything you do for your children. The love you show is incomparable and so amazing. You are miracles to your children and we are so blessed to have you in our lives!

Happy Mother's Day