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I am sure many of you have been anticipating our first blog from home. Well, here it is. My child is wonderful, sweet, and incredibly fussy. The nurses TRIED to warn us about her little (big) personality, but Erik and I never realized how strong willed she really was, but before I get to that [...]


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We just spoke with the doctor and we will be heading home with our beautiful little girl this morning. I just wanted to update everyone and share the awesome news. We will update again sometime today with more details

End in sight

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Wow, I am almost speechless right now. I went to the hospital today as I normally do at 11:30. When I got there I could hear her crying from the waiting area. I thought it sounded like her, but I didn’t realize I would be able to recognize her crying. Well she was hungry, and [...]

and… the surgeon’s been called off!

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well, brady is normal in all her anatomical glory. Her upper GI told us she was normal as well as her brain scan. She had the upper GI on Friday and b/c of this she was not able to eat at 2 o’clock. We got back to the NICN right in time for her 5 [...]

Day 87 (new video)

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Today is Brady’s 87th day at Memorial. It’s been a long 86 days and it seems we may be coming to the end of it.¬†Nearly the past month has actually not been spent in the NICU. Brady has been in a step-down area (a good step down) call the ISN (intermediate special-care nursery).¬†Lately the big [...]

short update on previous post

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Thank you for all your prayers. I tear up when I read them because of all the wonderful people crying out to God for us. It’s amazing the love we feel from everyone. People constantly tell us that this blog is a blessing to them and I have to say it’s a blessing to us [...]

Specific Prayer

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It’s been almost a week since we last posted. Sorry for the long delay in things. As you can imagine life has been busy busy busy and full of the daily obstacles. Let me first start by saying that Brady was weighed tonight and she’s officially 5 1/2 lbs! That’s such exciting news for us. [...]

still almost 5 pounds

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It’s been a while since Erik or I have updated. I think it’s safe to say that Erik and I have slacked off, although I am sure many of you understand why. This blog is to update you on where Brady is right now.

Almost Five Pounds!

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Our little one was weighed again tonight and she’s only 4 ounces away from 5 pounds now! It’s late and I need to get to bed but I wanted to upload this video first. It’s from today and yesterday. You can see our little porker pretty well in this 1 minute video. Note that the [...]

chunky little baby

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So, last night was Monday and Brady was weighed. Before I tell you how much she weighs I would like to tell you how chunky she is getting.

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Brady Faith was brought into this world 12 weeks premature. This was a result of mommy having pre-eclampsia and there being a reverse blood flow to/from the placenta. Brady wasn't growing like she should and it would have just gotten worse. She weighed 1lb 7oz and was 11 3/4in long. To learn more about Brady and her family click here.

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