Thank you for all your prayers. I tear up when I read them because of all the wonderful people crying out to God for us. It’s amazing the love we feel from everyone. People constantly tell us that this blog is a blessing to them and I have to say it’s a blessing to us as well. Each comment puts a smile on our face because we know you care.

Now for the update. Brady took her whole bottle this morning at 5 A.M. YES!!!!!!!! Who knew we would be excited about one bottle, but this was with the bottle she had taken at 8 which had only 9 cc’s left when she was obviously finished. At 8 this she only took 22 but it was because her feeding therapist tried a different nipple which Brady had to work harder to get the formula out and it tired her out. Her therapist did call and leave a message and told me she had suggested that they try feeding Brady by bottle every other feeding which means 4 times a day. Hopefully this will happen and Brady will take off and Erik and I will be thankful we didn’t make a decision right away to do the g-tube. I spoke with a doctor today and she said as long as Brady seems to be making improvements they will hold off a little while on the g-tube. Hopefully she’s on her road to 8 bottles a day and home!

Erik and I see God working in our lives everyday. There are times when we get frustrated and upset, but we know He’s there. And your comment help with that. They are little reminders to us that we have an awesome God. Thank you and don’t hesitate to comment. We love them! Plus, don’t forget to read the post prior to this one. My husband is pretty talented at the whole blog writing thing :P