So, last night was Monday and Brady was weighed. Before I tell you how much she weighs I would like to tell you how chunky she is getting.

Brady has neck rolls. No joke. You can lift up the fold of the skin on her neck and there are MORE rolls. Now yes, this is cute, but it does pose a slight problem. She is getting spit up stuck in the folds and it’s make her little neck raw. I’ve told myself that from now on when I go in there I am going to wipe her down. The nurses are so busy a lot of times they don’t have the time to make sure Brady is REALLY clean after she spits up.

Now that you may have an idea of how chunky Brady is getting, I’ll tell you she now weighs 4 lbs 6.3 ounces. She gained about 7 ounces from Thursday to Monday. I think that is a record. She is almost half a pound away from 5 pounds. She is finally starting to fit into her clothes and that is exciting!

Another thing is that she seems to be doing what babies are supposed to be doing at 2 months old. She is starting to pay attention to people when they talk to her. She will stare at you and it makes me so happy. With all the problems she has had it’s nice to know in a sense she isn’t too far behind. I don’t know exactly what 2 month old are supposed to do, but Brady can lift her head up a little, especially if she is in someone’s arms. It’s so neat to see her lean forward on her own. She’s a gassy baby so she does that a lot when she has gas. The other day she even pushed herself up enough to lay down on her arms.

She’s my cute sweet little baby and I am so excited that she is growing. Hopefully she’ll make it home before she reaches 7 pounds :)