well, brady is normal in all her anatomical glory. Her upper GI told us she was normal as well as her brain scan. She had the upper GI on Friday and b/c of this she was not able to eat at 2 o’clock. We got back to the NICN right in time for her 5 o’clock feeding and her nurse decided to try a bottle on her. She sucked it down in about 5 minutes.

We talked to a surgeon and he said he wasn’t convinced about the surgery for her esophagus, but that unless she showed dramatic improvement with her bottles then she would need the g-tube surgery. Well, little miss Brady has shown dramatic improvement. The little baby who refused to take more than one or 2 bottles a day is now taking 3 and 4 bottles in a row. 

I feel like the minute we turned to God and said ok, it looks like we need the surgery He showed us that he can turn anything around.  She is a different baby when it comes to bottles. She took 5 bottles yesterday and drained almost all of them.  Since Brady has done so well her doctors have made the surgeons go away. They are giving her this week to pick up where she needs to be. I am sure by this weekend we will have a good idea of when she will be home.

So, thanks so much for your prayers. It’s so obvious that God is amazing and I hope you all can see that in Brady’s life.