Wow, I am almost speechless right now. I went to the hospital today as I normally do at 11:30. When I got there I could hear her crying from the waiting area. I thought it sounded like her, but I didn’t realize I would be able to recognize her crying. Well she was hungry, and when Brady gets hungry she gets mad.

So I feed her and she took about 40 cc’s which is below her minimum which is 45. Her nurse came over and got her to drink 20 more cc’s. Some of those ladies are miracle workers. Anyway, I overhear her nurse and another nurse discussing things that a baby needs before she can go home.  Her nurse comes around the corner and asked if I heard them and I shake my head yes. She then proceeds to tell me that Brady will most likely BE GOING HOME ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, we have a possible day for Brady to go home. It’s not concrete yet. We’ll have to wait till Saturday to see if that happens. She has to got to gain weight today and tomorrow, adjust to a formula she can go home on, and pass her car seat challenge. Please pray that she does all of these things. I am so excited yet Erik and I are so not ready. Our house is a mess. It’s hard to clean when all your time is spent at the hospital and work and you have just enough time for a mess to accumulate, AND we are moving this coming up week. Wow, it’s going to be crazy, but I am so excited. I am sure Erik will later express his excitement :)

Thanks so much for everything. Erik and I appreciate and love all of you who are dedicated to learning about our little girl!