Yep, that right. Brady’s gained 2 pounds in the 8 weeks she has been in the NICN. She now weighs 3 pounds 5 ounces. Now, I do remember that Brady weighed 1 pound 7 ounces when she was born, but she did lose a few ounces so that’s how she has already gained 2 pounds. I am so excited and you can tell how much she has grown. The changes in the last few weeks haven’t been really noticeable to me, but she is filling out. The easiest way to see her growth is when she has her clothes on. She’s starting to fill them out a little more.

She is also completely off respiratory support and is doing great! The past 2 days have been beep free, at least when we were there, which is awesome! She seems to have made a full comeback. She is still in an isolette although she is keeping her temp stable. They just want her to grow which is easier to do when she doesn’t have to regulate her own temperature. Apparently regulating her temperature uses too many calories. If only it worked that way with me :P .

She is still not really getting the whole bottle thing down. She’ll do really well and they will increase how many bottles she takes, then she will barely drink anything out of it or she will stop breathing and they put her back down to one bottle a day. It’s crazy. I wish they would just let her try at each feeding. Maybe then she would get the hang of it. They had a specialist come in to help her try to get the whole swallowing and breathing thing down so maybe if this person works with her she’ll get better. She has to take a bottle for every feeding in order to go home so of course I want her to do well.

I can’t wait to bring her home.  She was due on October 4th. That’s less than a month away. In a perfect world she would come home on her due date, but I have to keep in mind that she was a month behind in size. It would be awesome to know that she would be home with me in less than a month, but I’m not letting myself think that just yet. I just want her to be the healthiest baby possible when she comes home so she can stay in the NICN as long as she needs to :)