Our little darling is doing so well. I am amazed every day at the miracle God has performed in our lives. I don’t know how anyone can look at a baby and not believe in God. It blows my mind.

Erik and I were told today that the past few times the nurses tried to feed her she just wouldn’t have much of anything to do with it. Part of it might be because they tried her on a slow flow nipple which is a completely different shape. I took in some pacifiers the other day to see if she would suck on a cute one. The one she has is ugly and orange. I was afraid that if we waited to long she would only like that type of pacifier and unfortunately she would not suck on those. I guess she is going to be picky like her mother.

The problem with this is that the other nipples they use at the hospital give her too much at one time and she ends up choking. The nurse tried her on the original nipple today and she took less than half. Erik and I talked to the nurse about it and I asked if it was possible for us to bring in a bottle with a slow flow nipple that is shaped like the ones they use. She told us that it was ok, although she did warn us it might be different with each nurse. Of course Erik and I realized this a long time ago the hard way, so it wasn’t news to us. We went to the mall during the shift change and bought a bottle that they will hopefully let us use and that she will hopefully take to and suck that milk down. Please pray that she does. We are so ready for her to be home. It seems like she’s doing fine  and hospital’s seems like places for sick people and she’s not sick. I would try every bottle and nipple type out there if it would let us get her home sooner. 

Hopefully that little “light bulb” in her head will go off and she’ll be taking a bottle like a pro soon!