Erik put some new pictures of Brady up tonight. I hope each and every one of you will enjoy looking at them. She continues to grow and do well. If only we could get her satisfied when it comes to food. The little girl who wouldn’t take a bottle a week before she cam home can’t get enough now. She is such a different baby.

One way she is different is that she has started laughing and smiling at us. In the movie “Finding Neverland” a character  playing Peter Pan says something like when the first baby laughed the laughed turned into a thousand fairies and that when every baby laughed for the first time a fairy was born. This in a way shows how special the first laugh of a baby is. Of course I don’t believe that it creates fairies but it does create a deeper love for your child. I certainly believe that you can love you child more as each day goes by. I must say Brady is so cute when she laughs. She has a dimple on one side that is adorable. She gets that from her Auntie Kasey. It’s so exciting to see her respond to Erik and I when we act silly and just in response to us being there. 

One neat thing that has happened to us is that we have been chosen to be the Ambassador Family for the March of Dimes in Savannah. We were introduced to this opportunity  thanks to a friend who was interning there during the semester. It will take up a good bit of our time, but we see it as a wonderful opportunity to get the word out about prematurity. If you want to look at some stats go to there you will see that America gets a “D” when it comes to premature births. Georgia gets an “F”. This would be on a grading scale of A-F. It’s not a good thing. We will be assisting them in raising money to fight prematurity. In many cases it could be preventable and the March of Dimes is very involved in funding research to study premature births and their causes. This is awesome. I read that they have been doing research on pre-eclampsia which is the reason Brady was born so early. They have found some promising results to some of their research. There is still no know cause for pre-e which is why it is SO important for the March of Dimes to get the funding they need. 

Just so you know we may be asking you to help next year :P

I am so excited about being able to be a voice and face for something that is near and dear to my heart. Brady has an amazing story and we get to share it with our community. 

I am so glad that you are still keeping up with our little girl. Her every breath is a miracle to us.