Our girl is two months old as of Tuesday. It’s crazy to look back and think that it’s really been two months since she was born. A lot has happened and yet it feels, to me, that the time has flown by. She was weighed last Monday night and we were really hoping to hear that she weighed 4 pounds. I called Tuesday morning and the nurse told me Brady’s weight was written down as 3lbs 15.9oz. That’s one tenth of an ounce less than 4 pounds. Why it wasn’t rounded up we do not know. What we do know is that we agreed to round it up for ourselves and say she reached 4 pounds. Yay!

She also was due for her 2 month vaccinations. They’re given in 2 doses and unfortunately they can (sometimes) cause apnea issues. The first day wasn’t so bad but day two was rough. Last night Brady was put back on oxygen support because of her apnea problems. We are hoping that the were related to her vaccinations and they will fade away very very soon. Only time will tell though. 

There was a point yesterday when Brady was whimpering a little and we were getting ready to leave. I leaned over, put my hand on her head and put my face next to hers. She quieted down really quickly thus making my day. I told Nikkie that I would get in that crib and lay there with her if I could.

We are off for another evening visit. Keep us lifted up – I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel :)