Yesterday was such a good day with Brady. I went for the first time at lunch and got to put one of her little outfits from her aunt Kayla on. It’s about 3 sizes too big, but she sure did look cute! My friend Abby got to come by and visit. We agreed that Brady looked like a turtle the way she was all wrapped up with her little head poking out. My cousin Kasey also got to visit, which was wonderful. I love sharing Brady which is why it’s going to be so hard not to when she leaves.

Brady got visits from the Grandma’s yesterday. Her Nana ( Erik’s mom) went and saw her yesterday afternoon and was the first grandparent to hold her. My mom ( Mimi) was just a little jealous, but got to hold her last night. I am sure Erik will put up some pictures. She also got a visit from Erik’s dad who always has a camera in tow. We might see those pictures one day :)

So Brady had a great day, she was held on three separate occasions by 4 different people and didn’t beep once. She did great, which makes me so happy. The beeping drives me insane along which making me incredibly nervous.  We also tried the bottle again and she did so great. She drank 10 cc’s from the bottle which is half of what they give her normally. Before we know it she’ll be drinking it all.

I’m so happy she is progressing, and I am so happy I get to share her progress with all the people who read this blog!