On Friday night I felt a bit of a sore throat coming on as I was going to sleep. Unfortunately the next morning upon waking up I had no voice. My throat was sore and I could feel that it was a hair swollen. I probably went 3 or 4 hours miming my words to Nikkie. That aspect of it was actually quite humorous (to me at least). The really crappy part about being sick right now is that I am unable to see my little girl.

I completely understand not being able to go back in the NICU while sick. The last thing any preemie parent wants is for the little one to get sick because of them. Preemies can’t exactly fight off sickness like the big folk can. So yesterday I worked for a good while on my web stuff and Nikkie went with her parents to the hospital. I’m feeling a bit better today but am still unsure of if I want to go up there. I may head to see a doctor just to be on the safe side. I want to see my little girl and I don’t want anything to prolong that. Hopefully I’ll get better really soon and get to visit! :)