Brady had her appointment today to get her synagis shot, so of course she got weighed and she now weighs 10 pounds.  My little porker :) I would call her a butterball, but that’s what I call my mom’s cat. Brady is doing great. She gets cuter every day and Erik and I couldn’t ask for a better baby.

We had a great Christmas. We got some much needed money. We got the chance to go shopping and buy some clothes. Brady got a lot this Christmas as well. My Aunt Gayle decided Brady was going to the best read baby in Pooler and bought her lots and lots of books along with the books several other people gave her. She also got some noisy toys, which will one day drive Erik and I crazy, but right now we control when they make noise b/c Brady doesn’t understand if you press it in a certain spot it makes noise, but she loves all the lights and sounds they have. She got this teddy bear from her Aunt Angela and Uncle Rex that sings and it’s belly light up. She can sit there forever and stare at the thing. She also got something to put on her carseat that she will actually play with. It’s so cute to see her hitting it.

She is definitely a happy sweet baby and we are so thankful for her. Erik and I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a Happy New Year! It will be a happy one for us. Counting down the days till April when we can show Brady off :)