Brady has finally started to grow like doctor’s want her to. She gained 7 ounces from Monday to Thursday. She doesn’t look much different to me, but hey it doesn’t matter. I am just so glad that she is growing. If she keeps this up she’s gonna be HUGE when she leaves. I’m just excited she will most likely be 4 pounds by Monday night. She has come such a long way!

I wrote yesterday that she might be put in a bassinet, but I was wrong. She has her own crib. There were no bassinets available. I like this because there is a lot more room for her wardrobe. I am sure she is the best dressed baby there :) !

She is still having issues with the bottle which i hope she can get over. Her nurse today said they might try to get her a slow flow nipple to see if that helps because she seems to get choked when trying to swallow.

She also has stage one retinopothy. It is very common for preemies to have eye problems, and fortunately Brady’s is the least severe of the 5 stages. I have no clue what problems this can cause, I just know they are watching her eyes to make sure it doesn’t get worse.

All in all she is doing wonderful and Erik and I are very thankful!