Today Brady reached 3 weeks old. Happy birthday-of-the-week to her! Her feeding has gone up a little more and she’s continuing to gain weight. We can’t say enough how excited we are about taking her home…one day. :) Two nights ago a nurse got Brady’s footprints and they are so cute and tiny! I’m sure it’s a feat getting a little preemie to sit still enough for one of those (yes, that was a 100% intended pun). We brought it home this evening and already have a plan for it.

On another pretty awesome note I received a little surprise after I returned to work from running an errand. In my chair was a really cute blanket with butterflies and a beanie baby. There was no card, name, or anything attached. So to the stranger who left that in my desk chair, thank you very very much! It’s such a blessing to be loved by so many friends!

Now for the really fun part! I was able to hold Brady tonight! I was bouncing around inside on the ride to the hospital. When we got there I could hardly wait any longer. Thankfully Brady was moved one section over yesterday. The section she was in was quite busy and the nurses had their hands full. Brady is now is a room with much fewer babies and because of that it’s little quieter and cooler (just a hair). I don’t know how the rotations work in the NICN so I don’t know we’ll have any of the 1st section nurses again. It’ll be too bad if we don’t because we liked them. Don’t get me wrong though – the nurse Brady has tonight is great also. 

I was so happy to get to hold my little girl for the first time. She’s just so tiny and light. The picture of the three of us shows the scale of things really well. It’s our first “family photo”! I uncovered Brady a little bit so you could see her. Most of the time we hold her she’s fully covered with the exception of the top of her head. I hummed and sang a little to her and that was fun. I can’t wait to bring her home! I’ve added one more picture of me holding her. It’s a great one because of her hands and her expression. I can’t help but give it the caption “Oh boy – this joker is gonna raise me!?!”.

“Oh boy – this joker is gonna raise me!?!”