It’s been a long road so far and it’s just going to continue. Brady has been in the hospital a little over 2 months and I just don’t see her coming home in the next few weeks. As you know she is having issues with the bottle. She did a little better tonight with the new bottle, but not a whole lot. She seems to drool out as much as she takes in. They have started to put her feeding through the tube over an hour to see if this helps a little. Hopefully it will make her hungrier and want to take more from the bottle.

The nurse tonight warned us that when babies start getting to the 38 and 40 weeks mark they may start a feeding tube straight into the stomach through the belly button ( i think ). I don’t understand why they would do that, but it is a possibility. I hope that is doesn’t come to that, but if she doesn’t get more consistent with her bottle feedings it just might. Obviously they will have to explain to us why a tube from her belly button is better or more needed than one through her nose. It seems as if the feeding tube through the nose would be a lot less likely to get infected or something. Anyway, right now it is just a possibility and hopefully we won’t have to worry about it. We really need the prayers going for this one.

Something else we were told tonight is that she DOES have a hernia and she WILL have surgery to fix it. Right now she is too small, but they will end up doing it in the next few months. We haven’t actually talked to a doctor so no specifics right now. I hate that she has to have surgery. The poor girl has been through so much already and it doesn’t seem to be getting easier, just harder.

I know we have an awesome God and everyday Erik and I lean on him. If you see us in person I know you can see the frustration in our faces and hear it in our voices. It is hard to be that strong person 24/7. We love the Lord and are so thankful that Brady has made it through this far and through all her little bumps. We just ask that you continue to pray for not only Brady, but for us as well.

One really good thing that did happen today was that her pulse ox (sp?) was taken off. That was the thing that monitored her oxygen saturation in her blood. This means she is breathing SO well on her own they don’t feel the need to keep track of it anymore. This also means no more beeping from Brady unless her heart rate drops to below 80. YAY! One small step forward, but man are we excited!