I was going to wait till tonight to write, but I am too excited to wait. Brady got moved again, this time because she is doing good. She is now in theĀ  ISN section of the nursery which is a step down ( in a good way) from the unit she was in before. This means she is out of the NICN unit. YAY! They will possibly be taking her out of the isolette today at 5 and putting her in a bassinet. They will keep the isolette in the room for 24 hours to just in case they need to put her back in it.

Right now Brady has someone coming in to help her with her bottle feeding. She hasn’t been so great at this, but she did drink her whole bottle today which was an ounce. Hopefully she will continue to do well with this so she can come home.

One thing that wasn’t so great was that one of her nurses mentioned to a doctor that Brady might have a hernia. I was there today when he came and checked her out. He couldn’t feel anything wrong, but he did say he will keep an eye on it, and that she could actually go home with it if she has one. If she does have one it will have to be fixed once she gets a little bigger. That’s a sure thing so hopefully nothing is wrong.

Every day Erik and I see how absolutely wonderful God is. He shows us everyday with our little miracle.

We get to see what she weighs tonight. Hoping for close to 4 pounds by next Friday!