We added 14 new pictures from tonight and yesterday. Go to our flickr page and check them out. There are some really cute ones.

I got to hold my little girl again tonight and attempt to bottle feed her! It was pretty uneventful since she has no clue why I’m sticking something in her mouth right now. But hopefully the little light inside will go off and she’ll know what’s going on. I can’t wait until she’s really eating from a bottle! There was one eventful item this evening. My little girl decided it was time to start ‘breaking me in’ for fatherhood and she decided to pee on me while I was holding her. So that means that so far she’s spit up a little on Daddy while being held and peed on Daddy while being held. Nothing with Mommy though – but her time will come! :)

Well it’s late. I just wanted to updated everyone on our pictures. G’night.