Yesterday was long. I have a incision that’s not healing well, and I am tired. This whole hospital thing is wearing me out already, but I keep going. It’s what I have to do for my baby. Although it was a long tiring day it was full of family which is always nice.

Pretty much all of my family has now seen Brady. My cousin Kayla drove me up to the hospital yesterday and it was the first time she was able to see Brady. I love to see everyone’s reactions. It borders on disbelief and awe at her size. Pictures don’t really give you an idea of how small she actually is. My Aunt Gayle met us up there and she got to spend some time with Brady as well. This was the first time I went yesterday.

Since my brother had yet to see her I went again last night because he was going to be in town. On the way there I found out that my mema, anthony, aunt sandy, kasey, and ross were all going to be there. Oh yeah as well as my mom and dad…oh yeah me her mother who has to be there to let all of these people back there one at a time. Needless to say I was frustrated for a minute. My mom told my dad that they would just wait until today to see her. They can get back there without me. Grandparents have special privileges. I must say I was cranky and hadn’t slept a whole lot that night so I was blowing things a little out of proportion. I figured my poor child was going to be overstimulated and freak out or something.

We get to the hospital and my aunt and mema are walking up so naturally we were going up together. Well, my dad is on a mission. He gets to the elevator and is like where is everyone at.  I reminded him that mema was with us. Now, my mema is almost 80 years old and walks with julia (what my strange family call her walking stick). She’s not fast by any means. So dad holds the elevator and we go up. We get off the elevator and past the glass doors and my dad takes off. We walk into the NICN and my dad has his “proud grandparent” sticker and is off to the Pooh’s Corner. I just stared after him and laughed. It was so funny. I washed up and went after him. He can see her anytime, but man was he not going to make a trip to the hospital without seeing his “Baby Girl”. Thankfully her bed was open and he got a chance to say a really good hello. 

Now comes the funny story. My dad and I get back so i can take my mema back there. She had already washed up and was ready to go. My dad stops her and lets her know she needs to wash her hands. She informed she already had. Well the hospital has a rule that you have to take all jewelry off prior to washing your hands. My mema had left her watch on, and my dad pointed it out that she left it on. I told him to leave her alone it was fine. He then told us the hospital policy about jewelry to which my grandmother say, “what do you want me to do, takes me clothes off too?” One point mema, dad: zero. That pretty much brightened my mood. 

Now the good stuff, when we got back there i got to give my little darling a bath. She was screaming the entire time, but it was ok. I’m sure it hard to give a regular sized baby a bath, but I am sure it’s harder to give a one pound baby a bath. I’ll let ya know when we get her home and start bathing her. It was so sweet, she’s my little miracle and her lungs work very well. It’s so funny to see her get mad a this tiny little wail comes out, but for her size it’s big. She lets you know when she’s not happy. Also, we got some more good news. With preemies there are often brain bleeds so they scan their heads every so often. Brady had one one Wednesday and she hasn’t had one. Her brain is all normal. God continues to bless us with good news.

A recap of Brady’s visitors today. Mommy, Daddy, Nicky (a very generous person who offered to take pictures for us), Grumpy,Mimi( the best grandma a baby can have), Mimi Gayle, Aunt Kayla, Aunt KK, Uncle Ross, Mema Brady, Aunt Sandy, and Uncle Ant. Busy day for my little girl. At least it’s so obvious that she a very loved and special little baby.

I know this road is going to be long, but God has given me so much support through family and friends. It makes it so much easier to get through the days!