Wow, who new Mondays would be one of my favorites days of the week. It’s the day you have to go back to work after a relaxing (or not so relaxing) weekend and you have the WHOLE work week ahead of you. No fun, but I love Monday’s because we get to find out how much she weighs. It’s a waiting game though because they don’t weigh her till night time. Sometimes they weigh her really late so we have to wait till Tuesday morning, but that depends on the nurse.

We’ve had a few good visits lately. They certainly outweigh the bad these days. Saturday wasn’t that great of a visit. Her alarms were going off left and right. The weird thing is that she looked fine, but the beeping is so nerve wracking.

Yesterday and today were much better. We got to feed her last night by bottle and she took about 12 cc’s. And she was awake the whole time. I really think she has her days and nights mixed up. She was asleep the whole time we were there today. She did drink her whole bottle today. Hopefully she will be consistent with it and she can come home soon.

She got her first immunization shot today. The poor thing. She screamed, but only for a second. She calmed down faster than I anticipated. She’s such a cute little thing :)

Our pastor stopped by while we were there. It’s so nice to know that he cares about us enough to visit Brady and pray with her.

She keeps doing better and Erik and I are so thankful!