Brady is doing wonderful. I never imagined I would have this cute, growing, smiling, and happy baby. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine the good things that will come. Granted, she is my first child, so I don’t have much to go on and her start in life was not exactly a happy occasion.

We got some good news yesterday. Brady is 8 pounds 4 ounces. She is finally bigger than what I would think the average baby is when born. In a small way this just makes me happy. She’s been so small and obviously she still is for her age, but for her to get to a point where I can say she is bigger than most newborns just brings joy to my heart. She is even growing out of her newborn diapers and finally out of her preemie clothes. Most newborn stuff is still too big, but not by much. I can actually dress her up in outfits now. When she was in preemie clothes she wore pj’s all the time.

I’m not sure if I posted her last weight, but she gained a whole pound in 2 weeks. This was with spitting up more than normal and screaming her head off during tummy time. She has not grown to love tummy time so I figured she was burning lots of calories. When your baby is in the hospital you are told so many things burn calories so it transfers to home life.

The best thing that we were told yesterday is that we can feed Brady her night bottle then let her sleep till she wakes up. We fed her last night around 7:30 and we were tired so we went ahead and went to bed instead of staying up to feed her at 11. We figured she would wake us up about 2 or 2:30. Well we were wrong. She slept till 5 when she woke me up chewing on her hands. This means that Erik and I got about 7 straight hours of sleep last night. It was amazing.

Brady also was assessed yesterday through a high risk development follow-up program. I missed out on it because I have gone back to work, but my mom and aunt were there and apparently Brady is where she is supposed to be. Sometimes I forget that she is in a way only 2 months old and not almost 5 months old. And then there is still the fact that she was 1 month behind in size so in some ways she may only be a month old. The whole actual versus adjusted age thing is not very clear cut. Babies develop at their own rates and preemies are no different. Hopefully Brady will continue to be on track and have no huge lasting issues to her prematurity. Although she is incredibly cute and seems “normal” so it’s easy to forget she is a preemie sometimes.

I just want to thank Alecia and Nicole for keeping up with Brady. They were 2 of her nurses in the NICN and I know they just loved my baby girl. They are special people and we love them dearly for investing their time and hearts in Brady. All of the nurses in the NICN are special people. Although, we didn’t always agree with them, we knew they had our child’s best interest in their hearts. Thank you all for the time and energy you put into Brady. WE APPRECIATE YOU! I hope that many of them are keeping up with Brady and I am glad to know that some of them are.