Brady will be 5 months old next week. It’s so hard to believe five months have passed since my little 1 pound 7 ounce baby was born.  They have gone by so fast. Even the time in the hospital went by fast until that last month where we were beginning to think she would be coming home soon. Now Brady is home and doing wonderfully. She still our little miracle. It’s so hard to look at her now an remember the frail baby she was 5 months ago. In 5 months she has gained almost 8 pounds and 8 inches. I used to say she has been 5 different babies since she was born. She’s gotten out of the stage where she doesn’t look like a completely different baby ever 2 weeks and that is so wonderful. I look into the same sweet face every day. Lately Brady has just been developing in ways that are so obvious to me. It’s amazing to see her grow and develop.

The other day my mom had Brady sitting in her carseat, which is something she enjoys, which has a duck hanging from it. Mom told me she grabbed it and stuck it into her mouth. This is a big deal. I am not sure if every mom sees this as something to get excited about, but mom’s of preemies get excited about every little thing their child does. Brady has yet to roll over and do many things, but she grabbed the duck. It makes me happy. I am sad that I missed it, but unless you are a stay at home mom, you miss many things like that.

She did something else yesterday. She’s been a busy girl this week. I had her on my bed. She loves to just lay down on the bed in her diaper. It’s kinda strange, but I can tell she enjoys what I call her “diaper time”. I was waving at her saying hey, and she started staring at my hand then started opening and closing her hand!!!!! I can’t tell you how proud I was. You could tell she was proud of herself because after she did it she got this HUGE smile on her face.

So I just wanted to share with our friends how Brady has been progressing. She’s coming along great. She was assessed by a developmental nurse and apparently she is pretty much on track. It’s so exciting that you can put her in her swing and she will sit there for about 30 minutes without making a peep. This morning she smiled at the fan while it was spinning. She is just too cute for words!!!