I called the NICN at 8 this morning to check on Brady. Her episode last night left me scared. She had a few more decets last night, but most of them were self correcting, which means she didn’t need any stimulating to get her levels higher. I think I forgot to mention on my previous post that if she continues to have trouble they will put her back on oxygen, which they haven’t done yet and hopefully they won’t have to.

She’s gotten a little bigger since her last weight check. She gained a whole ounce. So she is up to 2 pounds 6 ounces. I must say for a second I was disappointed. The past two times she was weighed she gained what I consider a good amount of weight, but I just have to look at it from the perspective that she didn’t lose any weight.

I picked out some clothes for her to wear, but on the way to work I realized she can’t wear at least two of them. I forgot she had a probe on her foot and two of the outfits have feet. So, I’ll just leave them there until they can take the probe of, which may not be soon considering her decet record. I’m just glad that she may be able to wear stuff that people have given us. Erik and I haven’t bought anything preemie, so all the clothes she will be wearing are gifts. I just want to thank everyone who has helped dress my child. Maybe you’ll recognize what you bought in a picture.

This update ended up being a little longer than I anticipated. Hopefully Erik will put up some pictures of her looking like a big girl soon. She’s so cute!