So, Erik and I got to visit our daughter twice today. It was so wonderful. Erik missed his little girl. Thankfully he is feeling much better. It’s really hard to not have your child at home with you and then even harder when you can’t go se them.

We did get some good news. Well, it’s actually great news. We get to really hold our baby for the first time tomorrow. Basically you hold your baby skin to skin so your body temp keeps them warm. Erik and I are so excited about this.

Tonight when we went up there we found out that her  heart rate has been decelerating which is some they call “brady”. I’m not sure whether is a verb or noun or really what it means other than her heart rate is going down or something. She seems to snap right out of it, but the nurse said she didn’t seem like she was getting sick, but they were going to watch her carefully. Another thing tonight was that one of her arms was swollen and one of her legs was swollen. Her arm is possibly swollen because of the PIC line which is they way her IV fluids are introduced, but who knows about her leg. After almost 2 weeks of nothing but great news this is a little upsetting. Deep down I knew it probably wasn’t all going to be perfect, but I think i fooled myself into thinking everything was going to go smoothly and I would be able to take her home without a hitch. This has kind of thrown me and I am reminded that I can never get to comfortable with the situation. Although she is doing well, she is still a preemie and we still have a long road ahead of us. I ask that you continue to pray for her and with this blog you can make your prayers specific. Everyday the Lord reminds me what a precious little baby I have and that even though I don’t have my baby with me, I am a mother. It’s so strange, I don’t think you can really know what concern is until you know the concerns of a parent for a child. I have such a deep love for this amazing little person who entered the world so early. It makes me appreciate in a whole new way the sacrifice of God sending his Son to live and die on this earth. It amazes me more than ever. 

On the bright side, Erik got to give her a bath tonight and we go to spend some good quality time with our daughter. She is also now 1 lb 8 ounces and 12 1/4 inches long. Our little girl is already growing and you can tell. She looks more like a baby every day instead of a little old man.  I am so thankful for my family. There are days when it’s almost unbelievable, but then I go to the hospital and see my husband and my child together and I just smile. I can’t wait to have her home with both of us standing over her crib watching her sleep for an hour :)

Please continue to pray for us as we continue our journey.