Hey there everyone. I haven’t written a real blog on here since December 20th so I thought it was about time we changed that!

Life has been quite busy as you might imagine. There are some days when I’m able to stop and just look at where we are and man are we blessed! Brady had her NICU follow-up and it went very well. We didn’t really know what to expect but it turns out that she’s doing quite well. It’s great that they offer those follow-ups for free like they do. It really shows that they care about the development of the NICU babies even after they get to go home.

We had a bit of an upset this past weekend because our little girl was sick. We had some good plans for Easter and we were going to visit the Pooler family for lunch and then Savannah family in mid-afternoon. Well on the Pooler side of things there are 2 newborns that we didn’t want to get sick. We also didn’t think it’d be good to drag Brady around town while sick. So our Easter didn’t quite go according to plan but we were still able to enjoy one another. It didn’t hinder our ability to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior!

In other news Brady is sitting up on her own really well. It’s great to watch her just sit there and do her thing. Naturally we still stand by waiting to throw our hands out there to catch her before she tips over…but it’s great to watch. We were able to take some good pictures of her in some cute Easter dresses as well. We’ve added a few to our Flickr gallery so you can take a look at some of our new photos there (also to the right of this text at the time of writing).

We’ve also been able to take little videos here and there and a few weeks ago a friend of mine, Alicja Colon, took some pictures of the family. Well she did an amazing job and I wanted to share a few of them on the blog (below). If you ever need some awesome family photography you need to get in touch with Alicja!