Well, it has been an interesting 2 months. We have been to the doctor more weeks than not in the past 2 months. It’s insane really. We were counting our blessings that Brady had not been sick and then we had not been sick.  Those well days ended. When I think about it they came to a crashing halt. Brady has been more sick than not, but thankfully most of the illnesses ( all different ) were very mild and our happy baby was still a happy baby even when vomiting and with an ear infection. The Lord has truly blessed us with a mild mannered and happy baby. We couldn’t ask more.

Brady’s mild run of illnesses changed directions last night. She had a cough on Sunday, but nothing too bad. I thought her cold was just coming back. Last night at my parents my dad noticed that her breathing was a little labored, but she was still acting pretty normal. Everything went downhill from there. As the night wore on her breathing became more labored and I was honestly scared. We made the decision to wait to go to the doctor today and thankfully she didn’t get any worse after a certain period of time. The issue was in order for her to sleep ok and keep her breathing as regular as it could be we had to stay up and hold her. We took shifts. Erik stayed up from 9-12AM then my turn was from 12-4:30AM, then Erik again till 7AM. 

Both of us are also under the weather and after a night of almost no sleep we called on the help of my mom and aunt who graciously took Brady to the doctor for us. God had blessed us with a wonderful baby, but he has also blessed us with a wonderful family. I really couldn’t be more thankful. 

I was scared that Brady had RSV. In preemie land that is like those nasty 4 letter words that aren’t spoken in public. Thankfully, it is not RSV, but it is a form of an upper respiratory infection. She is on breathing treatments every 6 hours. Hopefully this will clear it up and she will be in the clear and spring will drive away all of those yucky germs that seem to creep into our lives.

On a happy note we put Brady in her crib for the first time this past weekend. She has been a swing sleeper since she came home due to reflux issues. It went perfectly. She slept all night Friday-Sunday! She is back in the swing until she is better, but I am no longer worried about the transition. She has been through so much that I guess the crib thing isn’t a big deal.

Keep us in your prayers tomorrow. Brady has that NICU follow-up I mentioned in a previous post. Her doc says it ok for her to go, so go she will.

Thanks for continuing to keep up with us, pray for us, and love us!