The title says it all. Brady has had a tough couple of weeks. About 2 weeks ago she had some sort of stomach bug which included lots of nasty diapers and several projectile vomiting episodes along with decreased appetite. That lasted about a week and when she finally gets back to eating normal this snotty nose appears. At first we didn’t think too much about it, but then a cough started.

Now, if  Brady had been “normal” I might have waited another day or two, but with her being a preemie we took her the day after she started coughing. You can’t play with RSV. She has an ear infection. I guess that’s not too bad considering what it could have been.  The sad (yet funny) thing is that she has SO much drainage that her poor throat is so raspy. I have never heard a hoarse baby before and it can be amusing. I know, I know, I am a horrible mom for laughing at my sick child, but I can’t seem to help it.

She is definitely one tough cookie. Through all of her illnesses she has rarely complained and not been too much fussier than normal. This stuff is minor compared to all the issues she has dealt with in her short life. Please pray that she returns to 100% soon. I feel so bad for her dealing with all of this. If you have children you understand what I mean.

I know in my previous post that I said that Brady weighed over 13 pounds. Either their scale was wrong or Brady pooped off almost 2 1/2 pounds. She weighed 11 pounds 1 ounce at her last doctor’s visit. I was kind of excited that she almost caught up to her adjusted age, but she isn’t quite there yet. It’s ok. I love my little baby. I can’t wait for the shocked  “she is how old?” question when I tell people she is 7 or 8 months old and they see a 4 month old. It will amuse me.

Overall we are great. I want to thank everyone who has donated to the March of Dimes. We are getting so much support and are already halfway to our goal of $1,000.  If you want to donate you can go to If you want to walk with us let me know. We want a huge group supporting Brady. So many people love her and we really want you to be involved.

That’s it for now.