Just wanted to give y’all a quick update. Brady had a doctor’s appointment today for her monthly RSV shot and as usual she was weighed. My response to Erik’s text message telling me what she weighed was”holy crap”. I was in a bit of shock and continued to ask him more questions such as. “was the scale broken” and “did she have a wet diaper”. The answer was no to both. Now that I have properly prepared you for the number, Brady now weighs 13 pounds 10 ounces. Yes, that is almost 14 pounds. If you remember correctly the last time I posted on her weight Brady weighed 10 pounds. That is almost 4 pounds in a month. I am still in awe of her weight gain and I am almost at the point where I think it’s too much. She goes to her regular pediatrician next Thursday so we will see how much of a difference there is between the two. Last time there was about a week between her appointments and when she went to her pediatrician she weighed about 2 ounces less than at the pulminolggists(RSV shot doc). So she might not weigh that much. Guess it just depends on whose scale you want to go by. Regardless, she is getting so big.

She was also officially taken off her apnea monitor. She actually hasn’t been on it consistently b/c of ill fitting straps and just for the simple fact that the monitor wouldn’t stop going off and we knew Brady was fine. She hasn’t had one episode in her 3 months at home so it was just time for her to be released. Southcoast must have wanted it back really bad b/c they showed up at the house about an hour after Erik left the doctor’s office. We are glad to be rid of it.

In other news, it is very possible Brady will be released upon the world a month early. Erik asked today if Brady would be able to go out, and by out we mostly mean go to church, in early or late April. The doctor’s response was March. Of my mother jumped all over this, but Brady will still probably skip out on  the Easter service. Erik and I are still going to be very cautious about where and when we let her go places. I just can’t wait. It’s so exciting to know that Brady will be able to go to church soon, because Erik and I really miss the fellowship and miss being in God’s house. We went to church 2 weeks in a row and it was a treat. My parents are pretty awesome for keeping Brady on those Sunday’s.

Hopefully the blog will have a new look soon. As most of you know we are going to be very involved with the March of Dimes this year. In honor of the MOD Brady’s blog will have a new theme. If you don’t know, one of the main color’s in the MOD logo is purple. I am going to love the new blog look because purple is and has always been my favorite. Erik and I would love for you to be involved in our MOD campaign to raise money. I want to give a THANK YOU to my friend Allison who  have known forever. She is already doing so much to raise money for the MOD and I am grateful. THANKS ALLI!!!!!!!

If you want to be involved check out the previous post. There is a link to our MOD page where you can join us in raising money or donate. We would love for you to walk with us on April 25, 2009 at 9:00 AM in Daffin Park. I hope you will continue to check out the blog. We will probably have updates on our progress and our news clips. We’ve been told to expect interviews with news and radio. We will also keep asking for your involvement. We would love to have as many friends and family as possible walk with us. So, save that day and meet us downtown!