I am sure those of you who read this blog regularly have picked up on the fact that Brady gets weighed Mondays and Thursdays. In general those are great days because Brady is a few ounces closer to what we would think as normal birth weight. It also means she is a little closer to coming home. Well, last night was a tad bit dissapointing considering Brady lost the .9 ounces Erik and were so excited about because it meant we could round up to 4 pounds. Now, it’s gone.

I am sure some of you know that Brady got her two months vaccinations on Monday and Tuesday and that she had some issues with her breathing due to those shots. She is doing much better. They took her off of oxygen yesterday at noon and she has done wonderfully. They do believe the issues she had were what caused her to lose weight. The shots were obviously stressful for her little body and she had to work harder for what she needs. This is also the first full week of Brady being in an open air crib. She has to work to keep herself warm which uses up her calories.

One good thing is that she has seems to be pretty consistent with how much she drinks from a bottle. It’s always a little over half which is good. At first she would drink a whole bottle which is between 33 and 35 cc’s, then at a later feeding she may drink 5 cc’s. Hopefully she is getting the bottle feeding down and they will start trying to give her more bottles a day.

I just find it funny that Erik and I were so excited that she was 3 pounds 15.9 ounces. We considered her 4 pounds and she had to go work out and lose it. So here’s to Monday and 4 pounds :)