Yesterday I went up to visit my little one and received some rather great news. Once there is a space available Brady will be moved from her current location to the ‘intermediate’ area of the NICN. This is excellent news for obvious reasons. More good news is that the nurses will be trying to feed Brady by bottle once a day now. Today she did great – minus the drinking the milk part. Apparently she just sat there with the bottle in her mouth and didn’t suck. Hopefully she’ll take to it soon and we can start doing it more and more often. I’m so excited to have my little girl growing more and more.

A couple of days ago Mommy got a great shot of Brady with a cute smirk where she’s clearly saying to us that she has a secret. Be sure to check it out! Unfortunately right now Mommy is also sick so she hasn’t been able to go see our little girl. It’s really sad and I know exactly what she’s going through

In other news the family will be moving in a couple of months. Our lease is up soon at our apartment and we really need some additional space. I work so much more efficiently in a real office area as opposed to a desk in the ‘dining’ area of a small apartment! We currently live in a 2 bedroom apartment that is 924sqft. Come the end of October we will be in a 3 bedroom 1400sqft house and we are very very excited. This means we’ll have a lot going on at one time but I know we can do it with the continual support of our friends and family. There are a few things we’ll be needing so pretty soon we’ll make a list and ask that it can be prayed over. Some things are necessities and some are conveniences. Stay tuned for more on that!

We love you guys and all the love and support that’s being showered on us in this time! :)