So, my darling little one entered the world just a tad bit early this week. It’s been an amazing and terrifying experience. Amazing, b/c she made it and terrifying b/c things like this aren’t supposed to happen to you and when they do your whole world turns up-side down. My baby girl is doing as well as can be expected. Like most preemies she has a small hole in her heart that they are giving her medicine to close and they had to stop feeding her formula due to a stomach problem, but they are going to try to start feeding her again tonight or tomorrow hopefully with the milk I have been pumping which has all the good stuff she needs and hopefully easier for her stomach to digest than the first stuff they gave her. She’s such a fighter and I love that about her. It seems like she has such a will to be here.

When Erik and I go into the NICU and she is sleeping she is still never still. She is always stretching and sticking out her little feet. It’s so cute and so human. You almost expect a baby that small to be different, but she’s not. In all actuality she is doing better than other full term babies in there which blows my mind. One thing I have to ask is if you pray for Brady say a little prayer for all those other babies. I can’t describe how heartbreaking it is to leave your child. God is definitely all powerful. There is no way Erik and I would be handling this without his divine power. We are not capable of doing this on our own.

It’s so funny they way we came to name her Brady Faith. It wasn’t what she would have been named has she been full term. On the operating table as they sewed me up, I looked at Erik and asked what he thought of changing her middle name to Faith. It’s so appropriate b/c it’s all we have. So as you can see the name got changed and now it seems as if my daughter will be forever Brady Faith. It seems like people keep throwing that middle name in there when they talk about her. My child will forever know she is first a child of God and secondly a child of ours. I love my little girl and I am so glad the Lord has blessed me with her tiny little presence. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Every ounce of support is welcomed and appreciated :)