Yesterday was another good day. Again, the nurses tell us she is doing wonderful for her size. Erik and I went up there and sat just looking at her for about an hour. You would think you would get bored, but just to look at her little tiny back ( they keep her on her tummy a lot) rising and falling from breathing is a miracle in itself b/c she is doing so well on her own. I think they are keeping the vaportherm on her more as a precaution than anything b/c they keep telling us how wonderful she is doing with her breathing.

Another thing that was different was she had this little hat sitting on top of her head. The NICN has these women who are just either sweet or lost babies of their own provide little things to make their little place seem less like a hospital and more like a home. The hat is so cute and it’s purple. My favorite color. She also has a blanket in her isolet and a blanket on top of it which are so cute and it makes it seem so less critical i guess. It’s comforting and I am very thankful for the women who take the time to do this.

Now, the really exciting part. Brady has been losing weight which is normal for all babies, but part of hers was possibly due to them not being able to feed her. Well, yesterday they started to feed her and she seems to be taking well to it. I’m so excited to see her gain weight and hope it doesn’t take too long before it’s a little noticeable. I can tell she lost the weight b/c it seems her face is thinner than when she was born, but I am hopeful that by being able to feed her they can at least maintain what is there now AND she will begin to grow. 

I also got to participate in taking her her temp and changing her diaper. Now the temp thing was easy. Just stick the thermometer under her arm and press down. The changing of the diaper was HARD. Not, only is she tiny, but she is squirmy, AND the nurse of the day didn’t raise the top so i had to do i through these little arms hole things. Needless to say, I didn’t do so great of a job, and it was a stinky diaper which means her stomach and intestines are working. 

I went back at 7:30 with my parents because Erik was having some him time last night which was well deserved. I got to changed her diaper again. She didn’t like it this time, although it was easier for me because the top was up. When the nurse first flipped her over (again she was on her stomach b/c it aids digestion) she woke up and was alert and looking at me which made me SO happy. I haven’t really seen her awake. Well, time comes to change the diaper once again. It was another stinky one (which apparently the nurses like to see) and man did she yell. I made her unhappy which in turn made me nervous to touch her b/c I was afraid I was hurting her. She’s probably just like all other infants and just wants you to leave her alone. This diaper looked a whole lot better than the first one I did. 

My parents have been so wonderful and you can tell that they love there little granddaughter. My mom and dad already have grandparent names picked out and I must say my dad’s is incredibly cute (sorry mom). Before we ever found out we were going to have a baby we decided my dad’s g-pa name would be Grumpy. Now for those of you who know my father you can probably understand of all the 7 dwarves my father has an uncanny resemblance to Grumpy. Years ago when we went to Disney World on vacation he bought a Grumpy hat. He still has it on a hat rack in the kitchen which gave us the idea to call him Grumpy. Anyway, my mom found a small Grumpy doll in my stash of stuffed animals they still have here and it is now sitting with Brady in her little bedroom. Yesterday was just wonderful and i hope there are many more days like this to come.